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Web designers must go beyond the basics to create a successful web site. Good web designers pay special attention to how your customers use your web site, and how to improve your relationship with your customers.

Did you know that great web design companies also pay attention to your Google Analytics, bounce rate, and the readability of your web copy? We bundle most on-page SEO with the cost of your job. This way, your web site starts climbing the SEO ladder as soon as it launches.

We add other search engine optimization (local search and in- and outbound links) either before launch or as part of a regular maintenance plan.


Our web designers deliver a bonus.

Basecamp’s web designers ensure that your web site is welcoming. We create an exciting yet familiar space for your customers and present clear choices for them to learn more and buy more.

Most web sites turn customers away. They don’t mean to, but their owners and designers don’t know how to keep customers interacting with your page. We do.

Our web site designers are efficient, fast, and known to read minds.

We can help you keep your customers on your site longer and improve your bottom line.

Basecamp has great web designers. Call us.

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