Follow and nofollow — the skinny

follow and nofollow links

Being followed can be a good thing. (With thanks to actor Lloyd Benedict Nolan, who often played private eyes).

Follow and nofollow links have caused a lot of confusion. Which are better?

If you’ve been under the impression that all linking is categorically good, this may be the part where you’re shocked. And I can’t blame you.

Links can be complicated.

The basics of follow and nofollow

Follow (sometimes referred to as “dofollow”) and nofollow are attributes assigned to a link, whether it’s an external link (to another web site) or an internal link (to somewhere on your web site).

As such, follow and nofollow are a way of voting. (more…)

What are internal links and why do I need them?

What are internal links?

Illustration 1. If your web content doesn’t have appropriate internal links, it might be marooned, as “D” and “C” are here.

Internal links are highly prized in a web site.

What are internal links?

They’re links to content within your own web site. Internal links might link to content on the same page, and they might link to content on another page of your web site.

Why are internal links important?

Internal links are valuable for several reasons.

First, internal links tell Google that you’re serious about directing your audience toward content they want to see. (more…)

Content has always been king

Content has always been king (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Content has always been king (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Lately the Internet is rife with the phrase “content is king.” What? Content has always been king.

Content, of course, is anything that contributes to your message: words, illustrations, photographs, videos, and, increasingly, design. A web site needs to look good and BE good. (more…)

Are meta description tags still important?

As early as 2002, the meta description tag (aka meta description) was declared dead. But meta description’s death has been greatly exaggerated, probably because people didn’t really understand its purpose.

So when people ask, even today, “Are meta descriptions still important?” there’s some confusion. (more…)

One-page websites and SEO

One page web sites and SEOOne-page websites (aka onesies) have been around for a long time. Since early 2014, onesies have become quite popular because they are quick to skim, can be very attractive, and (obviously) don’t require internal linking (only anchor links). (more…)

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