Free video clips can come in handy

free video clipsOver the past year or two, sites for free video clips have cropped up all over the web.

Most of these aren’t usable in actual film projects (unless you need the random shot of a beachfront, fireworks, or a cute dog). And some are just plain odd (like the :10 clip of a cat’s nose). Yet short stock video clips are kind of fun to use as full-sized web site backgrounds. (more…)

“Is my SEO company any good?”

Is my SEO company any good?

Is my SEO company any good?

Is my SEO company any good?

You may not realize it, but keywords are just part of the success or failure of your web site. The relevance of keywords is a topic all its own.

Other factors that affect how well your web page ranks include: (more…)

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization)SEO (search engine optimization) has come to mean just about anything that will boost your web site in search engine results. In other words, people think SEO is whatever gets you on page one of Google.

Fact is, lthough we all talk about Google’s famous algorithm, the one that decides where your page lands in search engine results, none of us knows a damned thing for sure.


Film and video glossary

Film and video glossaryOver the years, I’ve found that many of my clients and young co-workers want to know what a film or video term means. The catch — they’re too embarrassed to ask.


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