How to join a nonprofit board the right way

NonprofitNot all nonprofits want your help. They want a board, but they don’t want its help.

I know this because I was recently a member of such a board.

The small, local nonprofit had been started by someone (the executive director) who firmly believed that she knew what was best for it — its social media, its marketing, its direction, its funding. (more…)

How to design the best OCR-scannable business cards

A highly scannable business card

A highly scannable business card

Not a bad business card

NOT BAD (scanned perfectly in spite of a patterned background BUT it would have been nice to see her business name in type, say between her name and her title, as scanners won’t “read” graphics (The Mary Kay logo to the right)

A bad business card

Real bad

I recently bought an OCR business card/receipt/document scanner called NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System. And I’m loving it.

But I immediately noticed that NeatDesk “likes” some business cards and not others.

Some cards won’t translate to text at all.

Don’t you want YOUR business card to be OCR-friendly? I mean, who wants to create more work for a business contact or prospective employer or client?

You want an OCR-scannable business card.

Here are some dos and don’ts about creating a highly scannable document, at least on NeatDesk. (more…)

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