No, Bob Dylan isn’t the first lyricist to win the Nobel

Bob Dylan isn't first Nobel Price lyricist

Bob Dylan

Alex Lubet, University of Minnesota

There’s been a great deal of excitement over Bob Dylan winning the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature. It’s rare for artists who have achieved widespread, mainstream popularity to win. And although Nobels often go to Americans, the last literature prize to go to one was Toni Morrison in 1993. Furthermore, according to The New York Times, “It is the first time the honor has gone to a musician.”

But as Bob Dylan might croon, “the Times they are mistaken.” (more…)

The myth of the disappearing book

Print books will always be important

A family huddles around the television in the late 1950s. National Archives and Records Administration

After years of sales growth, major publishers reported a fall in their e-book sales for the first time this year, introducing new doubts about the potential of e-books in the publishing industry. A Penguin executive even admitted recently that the e-books hype may have driven unwise investment, with the company losing too much confidence in “the power of the word on the page.”


What makes someone a good writer?

Robin Macauley, Arthur Koestler, and Flannery O'Connor, 9 October 1947 (courtesy Robie MacCauley)

Robin Macauley, Arthur Koestler, and Flannery O’Connor, 9 October 1947 (courtesy Robie MacCauley)

What makes someone a good writer or what makes writing good?

To begin to understand what makes writing, and writers, “good,” we need to ask the larger question “What is writing?”

It’s easy to agree on the definition of writing if we limit it to something like “putting pen to paper” or “typing ideas into a computer.”

But if we look more closely at the elements of the act of writing, the definition comes to life. (more…)

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