The 12 little squash and how they grew

The powdery mildew squash virus

Troubling evidence of powdery mildew

A few days ago I noticed a white dust on my broad (otherwise beautiful) squash leaves.

It seems I had “powdery mildew.” What to do about it was unclear. (more…)

The secret life of squash blossoms

Yellow squash male fruit and incipient blossom

Female fruit and incipient blossom

Recently I got all excited that I might be able to pick my own squash blossoms, batter them, and fry them up. Maybe even stuff them. Who knows?

“Only pick the males!” my sister warned me.

Males? Females? I felt the anxiety of 10th-grade Biology and Colonel Dick’s disparaging gaze welling within me.

My simple little garden was suddenly a mysterious, frightening jungle. How would I ever be able to tell the difference between a yellow blossom and a yellow blossom? (more…)

My garden adventure

TomatoesOK, I love food. I like reading about it. I like looking at it. I like going to farms. I like photographing food and people who dig and harvest. Colorful produce set against the color of dirt, green stalks, and farmers is sexy. I’ve photographed farms across the United States and in Mexico. For many years, both for newspapers and national television, I was an agricultural reporter. (more…)

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