Great apps you need

Evernote logoI have met and gotten into serious relationships with a few great Mac products, some of which are available for the PC. These (or apps like them) are great apps you need.

1Password  A utility that can create strong passwords, store them, and even restore them. $49, 30-day free trial. Mac and Windows. Also review Roboform.

Evernote  A note-keeping app that lets you create as many notebooks (with unlimited notes per notebook) as you like. Great for storing important client information. Syncs. Free and paid versions. Mac.

Dropbox  If you’re not using Dropbox, you’re missing a great opportunity to store and share documents with each of your contacts. Free. Mac and PC.

NeatDesk  If you’re burdened by all the business cards and receipts you need to manage, NeatDesk is for you. It’s not free, and not cheap. But you will have a great relationship. It’s making a huge difference in my life. $399. Mac and PC.

What great apps you need are out there?

Let me know what “great apps you need” are out there these days.

Video 101: Why make a video?

English: Mark Schulze, Videographer and Direct...

A typical corporate production

Why make a video?

Video and television demand attention. People actually prefer watching video to watching the real thing. If you videotape a speaker and a place a video monitor nearby, eyes will gravitate to the monitor. The medium is the message.

Why do videotapes and film work? Most of us are visually oriented; that is, we rely on sight more than any other sense for at least 80% of our understanding of the world outside us. We keep photo albums, watch dozens of hours of television each week, typically remember what we see in our dreams rather than what we hear or smell or taste. We also enjoy a good story—a package with a beginning, middle, and end. (more…)

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