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Thornbury Castle chimney detail: brick chimney...

Thornbury Castle chimney detail: brick chimneys built in 1514, in Thornbury, near Bristol, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think I’m going to offer creating blog topics as a sideline. Just to help people learn to blog.

As an objective observer (and web writer), I find it SO EASY to look at your business and determine what your customers will find helpful to read.

But I realize that when you’re busy working AT your business, you can’t always be objective. Also, you might have the idea that blogs are just TOO MUCH WORK. I think after one or two blogs, you’ll find this isn’t the case. (more…)

Web marketing is like a cocktail party

When you give a cocktail party, you make your home beautiful and offer refreshments. You engage your guests by making the evening about them — introducing them to other friends and finding out what’s new in their lives. Making them feel special, yes?

Cocktail parties that are all about the host quickly peter out. No one wants to listen to the host pontificate about his or her collection of martini glasses, ceramics, or beanie babies, and where each one came from. Your web site mission is not to be a bible or an encyclopedia of you. Your web site mission is to serve your customers, to help them find what they came to your web site to find.

Does Apple care about social media anymore?

Apple logo

Apple logo

Every now and then I like to run my company’s URL through Marketing Grader, a service of HubSpot. More than just kicking the tires, this free analysis can tell you some of the strong (and weak) points of your web site and social media efforts.

And it’s pretty cool that you can also check the marketing chops of any company you like. A company like Apple. (more…)

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