Web clients, beware!

skull and bonesI make nice web sites.

Yet, once a web site is complete, and a web site owner has not opted for further search engine optimization (SEO), I have found a few of my web sites completely revamped. Either by the owner, who thinks he/she knows best, or by a “friend.” The web sites retain the original look, but are tricked out with all kinds of useless and even damaging changes. (more…)

Why Comic Sans isn’t funny anymore

Example of the Comic Sans font.

You may find a lot of posts online that talk about the overuse of the font Comic Sans. My attention was drawn to Comic Sans this afternoon when a colleague pointed out a web site that used Comic Sans throughout, both as a display (i.e., headline) font and as a body (i.e., text) font.

But what’s really at issue here? (more…)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

happy valentine's day couple 1870sIt is about this time of year when we begin to sense that spring is coming. We’ve forgotten July’s heat. Black oaks are still hanging on to a few remaining leaves. Most trees are stark and bare, and there’s little movement on the ground, save the plastic shopping bags that no one has had the heart to pluck from the brittle limbs. Ah, what a lovely time for Valentine’s Day.

I began to wonder whether the timing of the holiday was devised specifically for this heartless, cold, bare time of year or was simply the work of the Hallmark Company.

According to Wikimedia, Valentine’s Day was once a pagan festival named after two Christian¬†martyrs¬†named Valentine. In fact, there were so many religious martyrs named Valentine that, until 1969, the Catholic Church recognized 11 different Valentine’s Days. (more…)

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