Domain Registry Services is a scam

Domain Registry Services is a scamIf you receive an invoice (usually postal, because it looks pretty official) to renew a domain name through Domain Registry Services, know that it’s a scam meant to charge you more than four times the price you should pay to lease your website’s URL.

The really wicked thing about this scam is that “Domain Registry Services” does know when your domain name expires. In fact, anyone can find out any domain’s expiration date by doing a simple internet search that looks like the following: whois (more…)

Own the URL for your own name

own the URL for your own name

 Own the URL for your own name, and do it today.

Sure, it will cost you $7–12 dollars a year, depending on your subscription period.

But it’s worth it.

Suppose, tomorrow morning you wake up to find that a family member or yourself were in grave trouble with the law, or that you were even an eyewitness to a big crime. (more…)

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