How important is SEO?

How important is SEO?SEO is at least half of your digital pie, some say more.

Building your web presence is like building a house. A house is just a house. How are you going to make your house really attractive to others?  (more…)

Do you have a zombie web site?

Please do not feed the zombiesDo you have a zombie web site?

You know the kind — looks bad and no one wants to go near it. Stinks. Has serious cooties.

In fact, people run from it. (more…)

Time to recognize Wyoming

Time to recognize Wyoming

No one from Wyoming has visited my web site in at least a year. Hence, the large white rectangle.

I have been neglectful. Out of all 50 states, I have never once mentioned Wyoming. Which is probably one reason that, at least over the past year, Wyoming has never mentioned me. Just kidding. But still. (more…)

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