What are internal links and why do I need them?

What are internal links?

Illustration 1. If your web content doesn’t have appropriate internal links, it might be marooned, as “D” and “C” are here.

Internal links are highly prized in a web site.

What are internal links?

They’re links to content within your own web site. Internal links might link to content on the same page, and they might link to content on another page of your web site.

Why are internal links important?

Internal links are valuable for several reasons.

First, internal links tell Google that you’re serious about directing your audience toward content they want to see. (more…)

What is storytelling vis a vis web sites?

What is storytelling?The word “storytelling” has a lot of buzz about it these days — from film to web.

You can understand how important storytelling is to film and video.

When you tell a good story, you involve your audience, who identifies with one or more characters. Screenwriting guru Robert McKee talks a lot about stories in this Harvard Business Review interview.

Good stories light up the imaginations of those who are reading, hearing, or experiencing them in other ways. (more…)

“Is my SEO company any good?”

Is my SEO company any good?

Is my SEO company any good?

Is my SEO company any good?

You may not realize it, but keywords are just part of the success or failure of your web site. The relevance of keywords is a topic all its own.

Other factors that affect how well your web page ranks include: (more…)

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