What are internal links?

Illustration 1. If your web content doesn’t have appropriate internal links, it might be marooned, as “D” and “C” are here.

Internal links are highly prized in a web site.

What are internal links?

They’re links to content within your own web site. Internal links might link to content on the same page, and they might link to content on another page of your web site.

Why are internal links important?

Internal links are valuable for several reasons.

First, internal links tell Google that you’re serious about directing your audience toward content they want to see.

Second, internal links help Google (and other) “spiders” find your content. If you have, for instance, pages to which there are no internal links, it’s possible that those pages will be skipped during a deep search of your web site. Those pages might have valuable content that doesn’t get indexed. See Illustration 1.

Third, internal links help these search directory spiders define the architecture of your site — in other words, its hierarchy and pathways.

Fourth, internal links contribute to your domain authority (an important ranking factor for your web site).

When you have good internal linking, you’ve got what the SEO industry considers good link juice (i.e., ranking power).

How do I make good internal links?

You need to develop content on your web site, preferably, a lot of content. Perhaps begin with definitions and explanations. If you’re a plumber, create a glossary of plumbing terms, and write descriptions of basic plumbing tools and tasks.

What are internal links?

Illustration 2. This link pyramid shows successful “spidering” and thus a good site hierarchy, which requires good internal linking. Borrowed from Moz.com.

That way, when you write more complex posts, you can refer back to these definitions, descriptions, and tasks by linking to them. You can even create anchors that lead you directly to each definition, description, or task.

So keep developing that great content and remember to link to it!

What are internal links and why do I need them?

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