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Big news. is now available at many public libraries in the United States.

I’ve been following Lynda ever since she developed the first “color wheel,” known as the web-safe color chart, for web developers (even before we were called web developers). She’s amazing.

In 1997, Lynda launched the first (and for a very long time the only) web site offering online tutelage in design and web design. As the years went by, she broadened her focus to include coding, SEO, and just about any software or skill supported by In fact, had produced many of the tutorials supporting Adobe’s products.

SO … sold her business in April 2015 to, which I found an odd bed couple. The first thing that makes sense about Lynda’s sale is that LinkedIn’s constituents are the most business/software oriented of all the social media hubs. The second thing that makes sense — Lynda sold her 17-year-old business for $1.5 billion, “the best money [LinkedIn] will ever spend,” according to Forbes Magazine story about

Lynda always was the best of the best — always ahead of the curve, always leading the pack.

So back to what this big news means for you. And me.

I used to spend nearly $400 a year subscribing to, which gave me access to all of her videos, lessons, and exercise files. I was thinking of re-upping earlier this week. comes to Williamsburg VA

And then I discovered that is available online via my local public library, the Williamsburg Regional Public Library. Also typically ahead of its time. I haven’t seen a major announcement, but if you search on along with the name of the WRP library, some links will appear.

And bingo bango, I now have access. Things look a little different — in fact, the snappy Lynda design has succumbed to something more LinkedIn-ish. But still. All of is here.

You have to register, through your library, for access. And the number of users at a time are limited (it’s unclear how many are allowed).

But the material is all the same high-standard educational material has always been known for.

Some additional links to more info about

If you’re as excited about finding in the public library as I am, leave me a comment. And those outside of Williamsburg please check your local libraries for access.

To start, go to the sign-in at the Williamsburg Regional Library. comes to Williamsburg, VA

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