Time to recognize Wyoming

No one from Wyoming has visited my web site in at least a year. Hence, the large white rectangle.

I have been neglectful. Out of all 50 states, I have never once mentioned Wyoming. Which is probably one reason that, at least over the past year, Wyoming has never mentioned me. Just kidding. But still.

Wyoming presents a rather unsettling white rectangle in the midst of an otherwise healthy readership. I have readers from all over the contiguous United States, Hawaii, and Alaska. All except Wyoming, of course.

Bighorn Medicine Wheel, Wyoming

Bighorn Medicine Wheel, Wyoming

So, to right a wrong, let’s celebrate Wyoming for:

  • First national park (Yellowstone, 1872)
  • First national forest (Shoshone, 1891)
  • First ranger station (Shoshone National Forest, 1891)
  • First national monument (Devil’s Tower, 1906, by President Theodore Roosevelt)
  • First county library system (Laramie County, 1886)
  • First business west of the Missouri River (1834)
  • First to grant women the right to vote (1869)
  • First woman governor (Nellie Tayloe Ross, 1927)

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Now is the time to recognize Wyoming

So, Wyoming, perhaps you’ll accept these few words as my apology for not somehow intriguing your populace into reading my web site and blog.

Perhaps these words won’t be my last about the great state of Wyoming.

Time to recognize Wyoming

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