A couple of months ago, I started to notice that my Klout score, usuallyKlout logo at least 62, was slipping. Not all of my posts, Tweets, and so forth appeared under Klout’s Recent Activity.

Klout, for the uninitiated, bills itself as a way to track and measure your social influence. When it became popular, sometime in 2010, the buzz was that potential clients and bosses would check your Klout score. If it was below 50 or 60 (or 70 or 80, who knows), you didn’t stand a chance of getting hired in the social media/web arena.

Klout has had a rough time. It’s been accused of not measuring social influence and real-life influence so much as simple social media activity. (http://dannybrown.me/2014/02/13/why-the-lithium-deal-highlights-klouts-failings/.)

Klout has had a firm opt-out (not opt-in) policy, which of course inflated the actual number of users (Klout claims 500 million) it has. If Klout considered you an influencer, participating advertisers bestow “perks” upon you.

The problem with perks is that there’s no real rhyme or reason to them. If you are very powerful, you might get free flights (some say). If you are less than powerful, you might get a free coupon to McDonald’s. Sometimes my perks were simply videos that advertisers were pushing. Apparently, advertisers haven’t been all that happy with their ROI.

So now Klout has been sold, for a relatively modest fee or $200 million, to Lithium, who, I assume, is “working on it.”

Which brings me back to my story.

I tried writing to Klout. But big surprise — they don’t have a Contact Us tab.

This week, I tweeted “Klout is done” to my 800 followers, as well as @Klout and @Klout Support. Within 24 hours, KloutSupport tweeted back:

We are so sorry this is happening. We are aware that your content isn’t recording to Klout. This is just temporary and will be corrected soon. Once it has, it will recalculate and contribute to your overall Klout score. It’s just delayed at this time. So sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.

So at least I have enough Klout left to get a reply. Stay tuned for more.

Is Klout dead or just ill?

by susan time to read: 1 min

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