Lots of my clients want to know more about blogging. Somehow they’re just now getting the message that increasing the frequency of rich content might just have to do with blogging.

First, what isn’t a blog?

At its best, a blog is not:

  • boring
  • irrelevant
  • too long
  • inaccurate
  • illegal

A blog should be the opposite of all of these things.

What can a blog be?

A blog can be any of the following:

  • rant
  • funny story
  • description
  • educational
  • opinion
  • poem
  • Q&A
  • a list
  • a gallery of links to other blogs
  • photo
  • video (in which case it’s technically called a “vlog”)

A blog can be long or short.

And a blog needn’t be called a blog. You may call this area of your web site “notes,” “library,” “meanderings,” or something brilliant of your choice.

So, what is a blog?

A blog, at its best, is:

  • fresh new content, created once a week or so, and posted to your web site
  • the best way to attract new qualified leads to your web site
  • the best way to boost qualified leads to your mailing list
  • about 300 words
  • optimized for a key word or phrase that’s unique to the web site
  • illustrated with an image or more
  • a great way to link to great content both on your web site and on others’

Here are some other thoughts on blogging:

If you’re beginning to blog, please check out these web sites:

Blogging 101: What is a blog?

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