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The $64,000 question for small, medium, and even large businesses. I get this one a lot: “I look at a lot of designers’ web sites and I can’t tell who’s any good.” Well, I’ll give you the simple answer.

“How do I find good web designers?”

1. Open several web sites in your browser windows. Maybe they’re from the “top three” on page 1, maybe not.

2. Think for a moment: what are my needs? Example:

  • I need to sell more of my plumbing services.
  • I want people to think I’m friendly and approachable.
  • I want people to find each of my services easily.

OK then. 3. Look at each web site with THESE questions in mind:

  • Am I reading more about the web designers’ services than I am about how they’re going to help me?
  • Is the copy (e.g., writing) speaking TO YOU?
  • Do you get excited about the design of any of these web sites, or are they blocky and boring?
  • Are you interested enough to click to another page? (and when there, ask the same three questions as above)

In another blog, we’ll discuss web designers’ own website designs. Until then, if a web designer isn’t speaking directly to you, as a person and as a prospective customer, the web designer needs help (and there are a lot of people who fit this description, all across the country).

Remember — if you aren’t excited by any part of the home page, why should you click to another page? A web designer’s web site should be as exciting to navigate as the one you’re planning for your own business.

How do I find good web designers?

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