Domain Registry Services is a scamIf you receive an invoice (usually postal, because it looks pretty official) to renew a domain name through Domain Registry Services, know that it’s a scam meant to charge you more than four times the price you should pay to lease your website’s URL.

The really wicked thing about this scam is that “Domain Registry Services” does know when your domain name expires. In fact, anyone can find out any domain’s expiration date by doing a simple internet search that looks like the following: whois

This search will take you to a list of domain name registries, through which you can find out quite a bit about whoever owns a domain name (some info may be private). So … you may well believe that you should pay this domain name “registrar.” Even the scammer’s “logo” is a modified American flag. But notice the pricing:

1 year ….. $35.00
2 years … $60.00
5 years … $120.00

Such a deal, right? Wrong. Renewing your domain name (or URL) should cost anywhere from $7 to $14 for one year. Most 5-year renewals cost $60.00 or so.

If this is a scam, why does it keep happening?

With all that’s going on in the Internet world, educating consumers has not been a high priority. Plus, even though the invoices are misleading, the legality of overcharging has yet to be contested successfully. Domain Registry Services is far from the only opportunity you have to overpay for a product or service. For more information, please read:

Domain Registry of America scam (includes phone numbers and URLs to report Domain Registry Services)
Domain Registry Services looks like an invoice

One thing you CAN do to prevent these invoices from reaching your mailbox is to pay the $9 (or so) charge per year to keep your name and address private. Check with your domain registrar.

Domain Registry Services is a scam

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