own the URL for your own name

 Own the URL for your own name, and do it today.

Sure, it will cost you $7–12 dollars a year, depending on your subscription period.

But it’s worth it.

Suppose, tomorrow morning you wake up to find that a family member or yourself were in grave trouble with the law, or that you were even an eyewitness to a big crime. Maybe the only eyewitness. As many unfortunate people have found, you lose many of your personal privacy rights if you or someone you know is suddenly in the national spotlight.

And there’s nothing you can do about it.

And suppose that later on, tomorrow afternoon, you discover that someone is posting items from a web page address that bears your full name. johntimothylee.com for instance. Or bethgoodsonforrest.

Again, there would be nothing you could do about it. Well, there might be a chance to get an injunction against whomever is posting on your behalf. But maybe not. Certainly there are other John Timothy Lees in the world, or on your continent.

My message is simply this. If you were suddenly to find yourself needing to control damage against your reputation, you may not have the one resource that could be useful to you.

In other words, own the URL for your own name.

In summary:

  • Own the URL for your own name and you’ll will greatly outweigh mention of your name in, say, a shady publication or web mention. So that gives you control even in a world where what Google does is voodoo to the rest of us.
  • If untoward information about you does exist on the web (remember that really bad mullet hairdo?), you can choose to outrank it by simply publishing on the web. Sure, you can’t make the bad stuff go away. But you can put it on page 20.
  • If you ever got someone mad at you — someone who has tech wits about them — they could snatch your namesake URL and you would be embarrassed if not worse. So please get your own URL and prevent that.

Where do you go to register a domain name? A domain registrar that you will remember. One that will send you plenty of emails ahead of time to re-up your domain name listing. I like BlueHost and Melbourne IT. But here’s one list of domain name registrars. I would not choose Tucows, GoDaddy, or Network Solutions. But your choice is yours.

Own the URL for your own name

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