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“Do I need social media?” is one of the first questions I hear from many friends and prospective clients.

Each person who asks secretly hopes that my answer is no, because then he or she can shelve a huge amount of work that they don’t understand anyway.

The message I always have for them is — social media is a lot like a cocktail party. If you have the gift of gab, you find it easy. And if you don’t have the gift of gab, I can tell you how to make it easy to make friends and influence people.

My friends at Refuse Ordinary invited me to appear in a webinar about social media. I join other social media experts Rommie Head and Jason Moreau.

I know this interview was about a year ago, and yet all of the content still rocks.

If you wonder “do I need social media,” please have a listen.

Let me know your thoughts and/or questions!

Recording start time: September 26 2013 06:01:48 PM EDT, end time: September 26 2013 07:04:48 PM EDT, duration: 01:03:00.

"Do I need social media?"

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