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Why use your own business URL for email?

Nearly every day, someone working at a small- to medium-sized organization hands me a business card.

The URL displays www.thecompanyname.com (e.g., www.acme.com).

Yet the email address is:

  • john@gmail.com
  • acme@aol.com
  • name@theacmecompany.com

You may not have given branding much thought, especially if you’re a small company.

However, as you may have heard branding is everything. If you’re using Yahoo, AOL, or even Gmail in your email address, you’re telling people that you’re not quite professional. Or worse.

There are several potential reasons that you may not be using a legitimate business name in your email address.

  1. People are unaware that free email comes with their URL. Yes, even GoDaddy gives you free email addresses. Any small business probably needs fewer than 10.
  2. People don’t know how to set up their own email accounts and receive their mail right on their own computer, using Apple Mail or Windows Mail.
  3. People believe they should keep using a time-worn email address because old email addresses are already familiar to their friends.
  4. People don’t know that they can receive all of their email in one place — that’s right. They can forward their Gmail, AOL, and even their URL’s mail to a single email address. They won’t miss one piece of email, and in most cases will be able to answer email from the same address to which it was written (e.g., if you get an email addressed to bob@gmail.com, you’ll be able to answer that email with the address bob@gmail.com).

I’m not here to tell you how to set up your own email account or to redirect your email. Your host can provide you with more details.

However: “People! Wake up!”

Use your own business URL for email addresses.

Question (from a public blog)

For a long time, things like hotmail email accounts gave a bad impression of online businesses, but I’m seeing more and more “professional” websites using Gmail email addresses, rather than @theirwebsite. I’m wondering what people think of this? Have the rules changed since Gmail has become so ubiquitous? (and so damned good).


No!!! Don’t be silly. Branding is more important than ever. Be consistent so people don’t have to think twice about what your domain name or your email address is.

Question (from a blog)

It does have an unprofessional feeling to it, but it’s not really a deal breaker for me. I would still use a business that has a gmail or hotmail address. Hotmail seems to have the most unprofessional feel to it. Gmail is not too bad, it sounds semi-professional. I think a companies [sic] actions and response times are much more important than their email provider [sic]. But, if I see any other signs of unprofessional-ism, then they probably wont get my money.


See? You’re already calling the use of Gmail instead of a company name “unprofessional.”


Branding is everything. Branding is everything. Branding is everything.



Why use your own business URL for email?

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