Two-column video script

Two-column video script

Typically, when an organization like yours looks for a video, it searches for “video production companies.”

This can be a big mistake.

Hire your scriptwriter first.

Why should you hire your scriptwriter first?

Oh, you’ll definitely find production companies who will offer you a scriptwriter, but you may not get the best person for your job.

Great videos begin with great content, and that great content is the direct result of a scriptwriter’s involvement. As I often say, preproduction is 75% of any video production. Get it right before the cameras show up, and you’ll save money. No one can save you money in post-production. Trust me. They might be able to save your production, but not money.

A production company will bring you a scriptwriter who’s available and perhaps capable, but you don’t know that for sure. You could end up with a scriptwriter with a couple of years’ experience or one with many. Or one who has written for advertising and not for corporate videos. Or vice versa. Depends on what you’re looking for.

I always recommend beginning with the script’s architect, the scriptwriter. You can begin with these resources:

Now what?

Select a handful of candidates, based on the following:

1. Previous clients

2. Kind of work  you’re looking for

  • educational
  • instructional
  • documentary
  • advertising
  • high concept (e.g., music video or commercial)
  • persuasive (e.g., fundraising)
  • corporate id

Also ask about:

  • years in the business
  • portfolio

If you don’t see enough information about scriptwriters in the directory you’re searching, ask for it from the scriptwriter. Your time will be well spent.

Note that awards are not always a great way to measure success. Trade associations, as you know, often award the only entry in a category. And not every trade group offers scriptwriting as an award category. Before you make your first call to a scriptwriter, you’ll want to review his or her portfolio.

But just make sure you hire that scriptwriter first. You’re welcome.

Video 101: Hire your scriptwriter first

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