Goal Setting

Goal Setting (Photo credit: angietorres)

If you’re making a video, a web site, or any other kind of marketing campaign, you need a way to determine, at the end of the day, whether or not your marketing efforts (and the money you’ve put into them) have done what you wanted.

I’d say most small businesses don’t know how to do that, nor do they know how to set an objective.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs, goals and objectives are different beings. Goals comprise a single overarching purpose: to inform, persuade, train, or entertain. Period.

An objective is a specific, measurable value (and you may have more than one) that must be met for your goal to be successful. Some examples of clear objectives include:

  • Customer loyalty will improve by 10% this year as staff are trained on customer service best practices.
  • Sales reps will increase their knowledge of cancerous skin pathologies by 50% (i.e., they’ll be able to correctly answer half of your evaluation questions at the end of training).
  • 25% more daycare centers will come into compliance with registration requirements this year.
  • Our fitness center will retain 10% more of our members this year.
  • Our plant will experience 50% fewer safety violations this year.
  • The phone will ring 10% more often than it did last year.

How many objectives do you need? Starting with one is good, and two or three objectives are certainly acceptable. More than that, and you may need a new campaign.

Your media producer and writer will also help you define more objectives if you need them, but your initial meeting will be more effective if you’ve thought about objectives (and how you’ll measure them) ahead of time.

Media 101: Objectives? Goals? Boring?

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