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Every now and then I like to run my company’s URL through Marketing Grader, a service of HubSpot. More than just kicking the tires, this free analysis can tell you some of the strong (and weak) points of your web site and social media efforts.

And it’s pretty cool that you can also check the marketing chops of any company you like. A company like Apple.

So … does Apple care about social media anymore?

What I found interesting today is that Apple has only an 86 marketing grade. Even my company has been at 86 before.

Here are some of Apple’s weak points:

  1. Not enough tweeting.
  2. Not enough unique page descriptions (i.e., meta data), and some pages are missing meta information altogether. (OK, I can understand that when you have 60 million+ pages, a few things can be overlooked.)
  3. Not enough alt tags for images.
  4. Infrequent tweeting (averaging 22 hours between tweets).

Clearly, this is a company not that concerned about social media. They’re the 400-pound gorilla.

But here’s the part that really cracked me up.

Apple doesn’t offer iPhone and iPad icons, which allow users to choose the desktop of their device when logging into a web site. Even my company offers these. Wow! Doesn’t Apple own iPhone and iPad?

Perhaps even more amusing is that my company has a higher Klout score than Apple does. Klout measures your social media influence.

Apple’s social media score, according to Klout, is 48 out of 100. Basecamp Productions’ is 60 (and today, 7/10/14, it’s 75). (Of course, perhaps Apple doesn’t need to rely on social media as much as some of us do.)

Apple doesn’t even let blog readers follow them easily in social media (few if any follow and share icons on their pages), and 0 of their last 10 tweets brought readers to an a landing page (which probably means that almost none of their tweets drive readers to a landing page.)

As of today, Apple has 270,846 Facebook fans, boasts a mozRank of 7.9 (Basecamp’s is 5.0), is linked to by 1.3 million sites, and is retweeted 327 times (and shared on Facebook 1264 times) for each blog post.

Not every company can be Apple, of course. And every company’s Internet and social media strategy varies to meet their needs.

The take-away here is … any one of us can run a lean, mean, Internet machine that brings in tremendous business, sometimes at a better clip than large companies who don’t leverage all of their web resources. In my world, I’m doing pretty well.

Does Apple care about social media anymore?

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