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Have you ever wondered what the famous ” lorem ipsum” (the so-called “greeking” used by millions of designers who want to show text without actually having any) translates to? Hint: even tho it’s called “greeking” by designers, it’s actually only translated into Latin. Trying “Greek” in Google won’t work. The true meaning of greeking is that it’s not greek at all.

Here’s a sample:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque rutrum fringilla accumsan. Donec tristique pharetra pretium. Quisque tristique elit ac ipsum lobortis et vulputate urna cursus. Nunc vitae eros eget lectus mattis interdum.

Nulla malesuada ante eget nisl rutrum eget pulvinar libero ultrices. Etiam rhoncus condimentum dui sed luctus. Vivamus nunc sapien, commodo sit amet placerat non, hendrerit ut urna. Morbi commodo odio at dui convallis cursus.

Cras et vehicula quam. Proin at turpis leo, et vulputate nisl. Mauris vehicula lacus ut massa aliquam fringilla. Sed at orci quis massa auctor rhoncus commodo vel dolor. In sapien ipsum, semper ac eleifend ut, luctus nec neque.

Google says Lorem ipsum  translates (from the Latin) to:

Welcome to Monday, to cancel reply. Read more here. Why the price here. Where can you and it’s more and more courses. Now that huge real estate needs here at times.

Read More About the need for your free reading. We create the web-generating but grief. We now understand, please do not use it, as you know.Here’s the founder of the disease’s course.

And more than tomorrow. We but unseemly a lion, and your comment. SearchGet some more mass. But at any one time lump author’s interest and pain. In the wise itself, so that’s always and, nor, nor mourning.

In other words, what greeking really means is nonsense Latin. I studied Latin four years for this?

What greeking really means?

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