Social mediaFirst, why do you want to manage your brand name across social networks?

  1. You’ll stand a good chance of getting more inbound links to your web site.
  2. You’ll ensure that no one else grabs your name first.
  3. You’ll keep your good name out of the hands of the competition.
So, even if you don’t use digg or delicious or blogcatalog, you can still control your name.
It’s just like preemptively buying a URL — you don’t have to use it, but it will be there for you when you do.
There’s a tool that’s crazy easy to use just to see whether you’re currently represented across about 100 social media networks.
Go to:, enter your business name, and the calculations happen in front of your very eyes.
Again, you might not care about any of these networks today. But remember, you only joined Facebook in 2009, which at first you thought was just for kids.

How to manage your brand name across social networks?

by susan time to read: 1 min

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