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I had a good laugh with a client recently. He had come to me to optimize a very large web site.

He’s the kind of client I love.

He understands that he doesn’t know (nor can he do) everything himself on his web site. At least right now. He is willing to learn.

Right at the start I told him I could save him money if he was willing to roll up his shirtsleeves. He was. He had, after all, developed more than 100 pages of rich content.

But one of his most outstanding challenges was that on nearly every page he had put the title of six or seven free handouts, but to download them his customers had to click on the words “Click here.”

Here’s the thing about internal links. They’re almost as important as external links. And when Google’s spiders run across keywords included in links, they see those links as more important than key words in other copy. The idea is that Google thinks you’re helping people find information faster and more efficiently, and rewards you for it. Key words used in links can help your product or service rise in search engine results pages (SERPs).

After I told him, “No one ever searches for the key words ‘click here,'” he got it. He actually laughed about the three days he spent cleaning up all of those links on more than a hundred pages.

But now he knows how to make his links more reflective of the actual content.

We’re looking forward to watching his web site take a leap on keyword searches.

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Don’t click here

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