Architecture of a Web crawler.

Architecture of a Web crawler. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Why can’t I do my own SEO?”

You can, of course, do your own search engine optimization (SEO). That’s the beautiful, democratic thing about the web.

Anyone can rank high for his or her chosen keywords, with a little elbow grease.

You just need to:

  1. Use the right key words in the right places.
  2. Link well, and be linked to.
  3. Shower lots of attention on your web site, particularly your home and landing pages.

Large companies spend tens of thousands of dollars optimizing their web sites each year. SEO is one of the most competitive businesses around. So, yes, there are some fancy dashboards and tools that an SEO professional can use.

Still, I can hardly think of a business that can’t benefit substantially from a little homegrown SEO. And the beautiful part is — it’s very likely that your small- or medium-sized business has very little competition as far as SEO goes — most people don’t want to deal with the details of SEO.

Search engine rankings are not rocket science, but good ones do require perseverance.

I recommend that you read up on the subject AS you optimize your first web site. Here are some great starter places:

The key to learning SEO is not only to be able to spend some time every day on your web site, but also to be able to measure your progress. You can use Google Analytics for free, and it WILL tell you what search phrases people are finding you on.

But Google Analytics won’t tell you how well you’re doing on search words and phrases you may not have even thought of. For that, you need a search engine tracking program. A search engine tracking program will not only show you how well you’re doing on key words you’ve thought of (but may not be scoring well on), it will also show you the web sites that ARE scoring well.

I highly recommend using search engine visibility software so that you can automatically check your rankings on any search engines or directories you choose. I use, among others, Advanced Web Ranking, by Caphyon. When I get a chance, I’ll point out their pros and cons, so you can select your own.

As always, email me or phone if you have questions. 410.404.5559.

Why can’t I do my own SEO?

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